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Katherine Ruth Heyman (1877–1944)


Sacramento, California, USA


September 28, 1944

American pianist who was an early proponent of Scriabin’s work which she helped popularize. Born in Sacramento, California, in 1877; died in Sharon, Connecticut, on September 28, 1944.

Born in Sacramento, California, in 1877, Katherine Heyman made her successful debut in Boston in 1899. She played a great deal of American music in Europe, and in America was a staunch believer in Scriabin when his work was seldom heard there. In 1928 in Paris, Heyman founded an organization advocating the cause of modern music. Of a 1934 recital, Paul Rosenfeld wrote: “Miss Heyman again disclosed the fineness of Scriabin’s art and the depth of the experience transmitted by it.” She was interested in contemporary American music and performed it not only in the United States but in Europe as well. She also composed and wrote on musical topics.


Publications by Katherine Ruth Heyman (1877–1944)