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2017-18 Season: Women By the Numbers

Now that Labor Day, and the end of summer, has passed we are looking forward to the start of the 2017-18 concert season – and taking a critical look at what we can expect in the coming programming.

We at WPA have been looking at the repertoire of major ensembles for a long time, and are thankful that more attention is being paid to the statistics – in particular with the diligent work that had been done in recent years by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra.  Though we don’t have such an overreaching look as the work that was done at the BSO, we can offer some specifics about the representation of women composers.

The information compiled is representative of the top 21 orchestras in the United States* (the same group that the Baltimore Symphony data has examined).  We looked at all the available information for the coming seasons (available through press releases, season brochures, and events calendars on the ensemble websites) and only collected data from regularly scheduled concerts (not special events, “Family” concerts, chamber concerts, “Pops” concerts, etc.)

Of those 21 ensembles, seven (7) did not program any works by women composers.

Find out which states did not program works by women composers and read the full article on Women’s Philharmonic Advocacy here.