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She was a maid at 9, wrote a hit song at 11 — and won a Grammy at 93

Domestic, 71, Sings Songs of Own Composition in ‘Village,’” ran a New York Times headline in November of 1965. The…

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The Pioneering Modernist Who Wrote an Audacious String Quartet

“In Europe one can work!” the young composer Ruth Crawford declared with excitement. Traveling abroad on a Guggenheim fellowship —…

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The Rediscovery of Florence Price

In 2009, Vicki and Darrell Gatwood, of St. Anne, Illinois, were preparing to renovate an abandoned house on the outskirts…

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How Audre Lorde Helped Me Reclaim My Voice

I was 25 years old the first time I thought about my voice. It was during my second year as…

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St. Matthew’s C of E Primary School Workshop with Chineke! Orchestra

After a luxurious summer holiday of long days outside in the scorching sun, pupils across the city have now gone…

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Europe’s First Black & Minority Ethnic Orchestra Disrupting The White-Dominated Classical Music Scene

If you are familiar with the classical music world, you know will know that many of the major orchestras and composers…

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