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Women of Note: Composers for the Music History Canon

The term "struggling artist" gains new resonance when the artist in question is a female composer living before 1900. Obstacles…

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Women Are Making Opera. And It’s Not Easy.

For the first time in more than 100 years, the Met is performing an opera written by a woman. Listen…

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In 1932, this opera was a hit. Why has no one seen it since?

Despite its successful debut in 1932, the opera “Tom Tom,” by composer Shirley Graham, was never performed again. Davóne Tines ’09,…

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12 ‘Impressionist’ Composers Not Named Debussy or Ravel

Artistic labels are tricky little things because they trap artists in a kind of musical amber with others that we…

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Time’s Up: Escaping the Sameness of Wind Band Programming

In the spring of 2017, composer Stacy Garrop posed a question for the wind band Facebook hivemind: what is your…

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Dean Brenda Ravenscroft on Women, Diversity, and Accessibility in Music

In November 2017, Dean Brenda Ravenscroft won the the Society for Music Theory's 2017 Outstanding Multi-Authored Publication Award for the first…

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MTEW In The News

DEI Talks: An Interview with the Music Theory Examples by Women Project

Molly Murdock and Ben Parsell, the founders of Music Theory Examples by Women had the honor of being interviewed by…

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Two Honored for Commitment to Diversity

 Two members of the University community have been honored with the Presidential Diversity Award, an annual award recognizing the accomplishments…

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Classical Music’s White Male Supremacy is Overt, Pervasive, and a Problem

Over the week, there have been waves of backlash at The Metropolitan Opera’s newest season announcement. A recent Washington Post made…

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Building Curriculum Diversity: Analytical Essays

While much of the public debate about diversifying classical music has been about discovering the composers themselves and what makes…

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Six Easy Ways to Immediately Address Racial and Gender Diversity in Your Music History Classroom

This is a great article from Musicology Now, written by Kira Thurman and Kristen Turnera, which lists ideas and practices…

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Musical Assumptions: Music Theory Examples by Women

Molly Murdock, Trevor Nelson, and Ben Parsell have put up an exceptionally interesting website that organizes concepts of music theory…

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