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Concepts Covered:

Applied Chords / Secondary Dominants
Augmented-Sixth Chords
Cadential 6/4
Deceptive Resolution & Cadence
Embellishing Tones / Non-harmonic Tones
Half Cadence
Inversions of V7
Mediant III/iii
Modulation / Tonicization
Neighbor Tones
PAC - Perfect Authentic Cadence
Passing Tones
Simple Meter
vi/VI Submediant
vii°6 and vii°7

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Notes About Example

There is no professional recording of this piece available. It is very possible that a student in your class can play this, though. I suggest having students who play piano prepare this piece and use them to demonstrate the music live in class. If you have two moderately confident pianists, they could each play one hand and perform it as a duet.