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Marianne von Martinez (1744-1812)

Born May 4, 1744
Vienna, Austria
Died December 13, 1812
Vienna, Austria
Nationality Austrian
Era Classical

To describe Marianne von Martinez (also known as Marianna Martines) as connected would be a great understatement. The Martinez family were mid-level members of the Austro-Hungarian aristocracy; the poet Metastasio was a close family friend, and for many years, the family lived in the same building as singing teacher/composer Nicola Popora and father of the symphony, Franz Joseph Haydn. Metastasio was the first to see musical potential in Marianne and secured music lessons for her from her well-known housemates. Never marrying, she was able to devote her life to the arts, remaining an active composer, performer, and patron until her death in 1812. As she was an accomplished singer, many of her works are for solo voice and accompaniment. That being said, she did champion compositions for larger ensembles as well, penning 2 oratorios, 4 masses, a keyboard concerto, and a symphony.

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