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Josephine Lang (1815-1880)

Born March 14, 1815
Munich, Germany
Died December 2, 1880
Tübingen, Germany
Nationality German
Era Romantic

Josephine Caroline Lang, German composer, was the daughter of Theodor Lang, a violinist, and Regina Hitzelberger, opera singer. Her mother taught young Josephine how to play piano, and from age five it became apparent that Josephine was possessed with great potential as a composer. As early as age eleven Josephine started giving piano lessons herself. Through her godfather, Joseph Stieler, Josephine was exposed to some of the greatest artists of her time. Both Felix Mendelssohn and Ferdinand Hiller went to great lengths to ensure that Lang learned the proper theory for song-writing, and used their connections to publish Lang’s music. Robert Schumann published a song of Josephine’s in Neue Zeitschrift für Musik in 1838.

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