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Elisabetta de Gambarini (1731-1765)

Born September 7, 1731
London, UK
Died February 9, 1765
London, UK
Nationality English
Era Classical

Elisabetta de Gambarini was born in London, the daughter of a bureaucrat. She was identified as having a lovely voice at a young age, performing throughout London when she was still in her teens. She performed and premiered a number of choral and operatic parts by Handel. Descriptions of her tone and range from the mid-eighteenth century suggest that she was a mezzo-soprano. In 1748 she began to publish pieces for both solo harpsichord, as well as voice and accompaniment. Her songs are in both Italian and English. Her most famous song is a setting of “Honour, Riches, Marriage-Blessing,” from Shakespeare’s The Tempest.

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Examples by Elisabetta de Gambarini